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Novacomel constantly invests in research and development, in order to collaborate with our most discerning guests and create new projects. We use innovative materials and technologies to guarantee the best design.

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NOVACOMEL creates metallic structures for accessories and electromedical devices based on customers requirements.

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Given the importance of this specific sector and in order to guarantee the safety of the devices, all products must satisfy strict criteria accepted by the customer, regarding the following technical features:
- materials
- dimensions (mechanics precision to the tenth)
- galvanic treatment
- varnish

In order to ensure the safe performance of the equipment.

All our products have the CE marking according to the following directives:
ISO 11064 - Ergonomic design of control centres
ANSI/HFS 100-2007 - Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations
ISO 9241 - Ergonomics of human-system interaction
IEC 60297 - Mechanical structures for electronic equipment
EN 60950 - Safety of information technology equipment