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Thanks to three different lines, Novacomel creates structures suitable for monitors and video devices, which perfectly fit in your technical environment.

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NOVACOMEL NC 2000 model represents the innovative modular monitor holder for LCD screens. It balances the available space with the screens’ set up.

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NC 2000 can hold any kind of LCD monitor.
This structure can be freestanding or fixed to ceilings or walls, avoiding accidental capsizing.
The monitor housing can be set up with an electrical supply.
Sound, video, signal and power wires are integrated in the same structure in accordance with current regulations. Power supply is distributed through a modular system so that costs and delivery time are reduced.
Monitor housings are painted with powder coated epoxy varnish.
Space requirement for each fixed span:
height by width (according to monitor size).

All our products have the CE marking according to the following directives:
ISO 11064 - Ergonomic design of control centres
IEC 60297 - Mechanical structures for electronic equipment
EN 60950 - Safety of information technology equipment